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New beginnings

When I left that melancholy little post in July about my harsh exam and stolen car, cushioned by some brownie goodness, I never expected that it would be another seven months before I wrote again.  Life got busy. Even compared to my usual state of busy! There was a lot to catch up on after […] Read more…



It’s Winenot Wednesday. Except it’s not. A few weeks ago, Louise and I had a gorgeous weekend together in her magical town. We explored wineries, ate enormous amounts of pizza, and I fell head over heels in love with Willunga. We spent a lot of time talking about what is going on in our lives: […] Read more…

the spice adventuress visits avenue winery in the mornington peninsula

Winenot Wednesday #17 – February 2016

I have officially become a giant wine nerd. I have an exam in June and am already saying no to all things social to stay home and study. The Australia Day public holiday, while most of the country was having BBQs and wearing thongs (on their feet), I researched and wrote notes on Piemonte. Such […] Read more…

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Winenot Wednesday #15 – December 2015

This biggest problem for a blogger at this time of year is that you spend so much time attending events that you don’t have time to write about them. Similarly, I have spent so much time drinking wine (yes, not having to spit it out!) that I haven’t had any time to write about it. […] Read more…

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Winenot Wednesday #14 – November 2015

As this goes live I will be about to walk into my WSET Sparkling Wine exam. Hence the radio silence lately. Every spare minute, and there aren’t many with my all the time full time job, has been spent cramming soil types and the meaning of complicated French terms into my stressed little brain. Yikes. […] Read more…

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