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Baked Falafel and Labneh Salad

Lebanese bread, piled high with falafel balls from the local kebab shop and chunks of labneh from the local deli got me through a very tough time. Five years ago I was living in West End (Brisbane) and was coming out of the breakup of a massive relationship- the breakup wasn’t massive, it was all […] Read more…

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Brown Rice Salad Recipe

I made it to 23 before trying brown rice. I come from a household of Chicken Tonight, white bread, and salads consisting of some iceberg lettuce and a few slices of tomato. It was at a work Christmas BBQ that I first shovelled a forkful of brown grains into my mouth and marvelled at their […] Read more…

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Raw Vegan Chocolate Mousse Cake Recipe

I asked Instagram if anyone knew who the genius was that first thought to throw a frozen banana in a blender to make raw vegan ‘ice cream.’ It seems this person does not get the recognition they deserve because nobody knew. Similarly, some smart cookie thought to pop some soaked cashews in a blender with […] Read more…