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cured ocean trout from Greenpoint restaurant at the emerson, chandon in the city

Chandon in the City

“They put leaves in the bottle?”  What followed was a moment of mutual bewilderment. I was hosting a sparkling wine tasting and had totally misinterpreted my audience. ‘Lees’ is a pretty confusing French terms referring to dead yeast cells. Not a terribly romantic notion but those dead little yeast are quite magical in the way […] Read more…

spelt ricotta gnocchi, spelt gnocchi, ricotta gnocchi, roast pumpkin, brown butter, rosemary, crispy rosemary, recipe, donna hay

Spelt Ricotta Gnocchi for My Love

Whenever I ask My Love what he wants for dinner he shouts “GNOCCHI” accompanied by a fist pump.  This happens most days. Unfortunately until he can keep me in the manor to which I would like to become accustomed (house in Carlton, faffing about teaching people about wine and regular brunching) I don’t have the […] Read more…

welcome to Champagne and chips inspiration blog

Welcome to Champagne and Chips

This is the photo that started it all: Champagne and Chips! One of the best food and wine matches and one of the simplest. Unpretentious, fun, salty, classy, delicious, carbohydrates – these are all words I hope will be used to describe this blog in time 🙂 I read a lot of food blogs and […] Read more…