This is the photo that started it all:

Champagne and Chips Inspiration

Champagne and Chips! One of the best food and wine matches and one of the simplest. Unpretentious, fun, salty, classy, delicious, carbohydrates – these are all words I hope will be used to describe this blog in time 🙂

I read a lot of food blogs and a lot of wine blogs but there aren’t that many that combine the two so here we are.

I work in the wine industry and am studying wine (the Wine and Spirit Education Trust Diploma), and one thing I know for sure is that the only way I can keep working in the wine world (which is such a wonderful magical place) is for more people to start enjoying wine. Us industry folk are often the biggest barrier to that. Too often I hear the  nervously uttered statement “I don’t know much about wine…” I know that there is an awesome little group of us trying to change that- whether you want to know more or just feel better about what you like, this blog is going to help. Wine is wizardry and should be fun and delicious (and enjoyed in moderation 😉 ). We take some grapes, stick them in a tank or barrels for a while and at the end we talk about flavours of vanilla, fruit, spice, candy, you name it! Magical stuff.

I also love good food, the good-for-you and the slightly less nutritious but oh so good. Our society has created all these labels for food instead of just focussing on the best bits- the nourishment, flavours and enjoyment. This blog is going to be all about celebrating the good and simple pleasures. Good food, good wine and how the two can go together to create something wonderful. It will be full of recipes, reviews and unpretentious wine talk.

Join me for the ride? I think we’re going to have some fun.

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14 Comments on Welcome to Champagne and Chips

  1. Wine and chips is pretty much my idea of perfection! My boyfriend and I actually had wine and chips on Saturday night. We were catching up on our shows and thought it would be the perfect accompaniment! I’ve been a wine drinker for years, but I do tend to get caught in ruts and stick inside my comfort zone. Since moving to Nova Scotia, I’ve been exploring a bit more as there is a great local wine scene here. Have you seen the documentary Somm? I watched it on Netflix recently and it really intrigued me. Looking forward to reading more!

    • Oooo, i don’t know much about Nova Scotia but it’s great that you are exploring your local wine areas. I love love LOVE do cellar door tastings. I haven’t seen Somm yet, I am finding it so had to get a copy that will play on my local region DVD player. Apparently Netflix is becoming available in Australia soon though 🙂

  2. This is awesome Nicole! I’m a wine lover too and briefly contemplated shifting careers at one point (working at Cellarmasters will do that to you!). The industry is wonderfully romantic & fun and at the same time fascinating & scientific. Love it. Really looking forward to reading more. Champagne and chips for dinner this weekend, I’d say! x

    • Ahh kerith, thank you so much for stopping by. I think you hit the nail on the head there, for me wine is a gorgeous mix of my two areas of expertise- science and art. I am however glad that you didn’t change careers. The acting world needs you gorgeous one x

  3. Congratulations on getting the blog up and running. Fish and chips and champagne (although more commonly sparkling wine) is a common occurrence in my family. Especially down at the beach. Mum and dad got me hooked many moons ago!
    I’m looking forward to enjoying some food and wine with you

  4. I am a sponge for your winey/chippy wisdom, tell me everything.
    Also I shall make Fridays bubbles and chips night here too. It’s the right thing to do.
    M x

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