They were negotiating over chips.

I tried to return my attention to the medical notes on the desk in front of me but it was too late, my thoughts had drifted to crunchy golden crisps and I had to find out more.

The ward I worked in was staffed by a number of UK nurses; each time one of them visited home they would return with a stash of snacks for their coworkers who were missing the goodies of their childhood.

“You know we have chips here right?” I said in my broadest Aussie accent.

“Oh yes, but they’re not as good as our crisps back home.” replied a lilting Yorkshire brogue.

I had to take her word for it; when the treats arrived they were snaffled home, unopened, to be munched in front of ‘Eastenders.’ 😉

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 When Tyrrell’s chips arrived in Australian supermarkets I was very pleased- finally a chance to try these famous English chips. I must say, Tyrrell’s chips are terribly good. They are thick and crunchy with good flavour distribution, but not that dusty, caking, flavour powder found in a lot of other brands. They are also gluten-free and don’t contain any MSG or other artificial nasties. As My love said, they are chips that actually taste like they were once a potato. That’s a good thing 🙂

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My very first post on this blog described how Champagne and chips are one of the best and simplest food and wine matches. The same goes for sparkling wine and potato chips (or crisps). As we head into New Years celebrations there will be quite a bit of bubbly consumed, so for a bit of fun I have put together a few suggestions of great, affordable Aussie sparklings and matched them up with some Tyrrell’s chips; because entertaining should be simple and delicious.

sparkling and chips, tyrrell's chips, champagne and chips

timthumb.phparrasLightly Sea Salted with House of Arras Brut Elite Chardonnay Pinot Noir ($35)

A classy, subtle chip deserves an elegant wine and the Arras Brut Elite delivers with nutty, brioche, floral and citrus characters with crisp acidity. This is the NV champagne of the Aussie sparkling world.



tyr pepperdal zottoSea Salt and Cracked Black Pepper with NV Pucino Prosecco ($22)

A touch of heat from the cracked pepper is balanced by this fresh, zesty, easy-drinking prosecco from the gorgeous King Valley.



tyr cheddarmorrisMature Cheddar and Chives with Morris Sparkling Shiraz Durif ($20)

Sparkling red is iconically Australian and this is a beautifully rich, but not too sweet example that brings out the best in a strong cheddar flavoured chip.



tyr chickenstonierSunday Best Roast Chicken with 2009 Stonier Chardonnay Pinot Noir ($20)

A full-flavoured, generous sparkling to match to a richer style of chip. Also delicious with an actual roast chicken.



tyr chilliibSweet Chilli and Red Pepper with Innocent Bystander Moscato ($20)

There is a fiery little kick to these chips that is best paired with something sweet and fruity like the oh-so-pretty rose petals and strawberries of this local moscato.



tyr ciderappleSea Salt and Cider Vinegar with Napoleone Apple Cider ($4.50 for 330ml)

I adore salt and vinegar chips and these are especially good with a great fruity tang from the cider vinegar; but a wine match can be a bit challenging. This lovely Yarra Valley apple cider is dry, refreshing and perfect for picnics or sipping and snacking by the seaside.



I also want to thank you for supporting Champagne and Chips these last few months. I am so grateful for your kind words and encouragement and look forward to all the eating and drinking and getting to know you that 2015 will bring 🙂

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Happy New Year! What will you be drinking as the clock strikes 12?

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Disclosure: I have not been paid for this post. I received Tyrrell’s Chips to sample but all post ideas and opinions are my own. 


11 Comments on Sparkling and Chips

  1. Yum! Sparkling and chips – two of my favourite things. Being British I consider myself something of a crisp connoisseur and these Tyrrells rated highly on my crisp-o-meter too! I can only vouch for the salt and vinegar variety but they were truly delicious. And I’m so pleased that the Innocent Bystander made it in to your review – it’s one of my favourites!

    • I forget that you are British. I definitely bow down to you as a crisp connoisseur then 🙂 Innocent Bystander are single-handedly bringing a whole new generation back to wine- I had to include them.

  2. Oh boy you’ve found my kryptonite … I love nothing better than a glass of wine and crisps 🙂 And re: the UK staff, I always enjoyed working with British nurses when I was an RN, they were so much fun and good nurses too!

    • Oh gosh, me too. If people keep topping up the crisps I never have room for ‘real’ food. UK staff are always great, I don’t know what it is but they always seem fairly unflappable which is a damn nice thing in a hospital ward.

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