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Wine Tweets of the week #1

Welcome to my weekly wine tweets- wine reviews in 140 characters or less! When I’m working or studying wine I spend a lot of time writing long detailed tasting notes but they aren’t always that interesting to read, are they? I’m going to bring you a few wines each week, from a variety of price […] Read more…

Hell of the north, fitzroy, review

Hell of the North Review

“Welcome to hell” said the chirpy voice when I called to make a booking.  It was about this point that the lust kicked in. Not necessarily for the person on the other end of the phone (although the staff certainly aren’t lacking in attractiveness), rather for the experience I knew awaited us. Back when we […] Read more…

welcome to Champagne and chips inspiration blog

Welcome to Champagne and Chips

This is the photo that started it all: Champagne and Chips! One of the best food and wine matches and one of the simplest. Unpretentious, fun, salty, classy, delicious, carbohydrates – these are all words I hope will be used to describe this blog in time 🙂 I read a lot of food blogs and […] Read more…

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