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Air Fryer review by a chip addict

This post is brought to you by Crazy Sales I am a baker. Yes, in the sense that I love to make cakes but also in that I avoid frying things. Of course I’ll fry up a steak or a stir fry (because who has ever heard of a stir bake) but generally, if it […] Read more…

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Pilgrim Bar

I feel like I start so many posts this way but I really do not spend enough time in Melbourne. I mean I live here, I go to work here but I never really explore this beautiful city or take time to appreciate the things that draw tourists in droves every year. When I was […] Read more…

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January Eats

I have found myself in the enviable position of having more food reviews to do than time to write them so have popped together a couple of my January eats together in one little post so that the mound of writing does not become too overwhelming. So here we have CBD burgers, a wine-region pizza […] Read more…

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Winenot Wednesday #17 – February 2016

I have officially become a giant wine nerd. I have an exam in June and am already saying no to all things social to stay home and study. The Australia Day public holiday, while most of the country was having BBQs and wearing thongs (on their feet), I researched and wrote notes on Piemonte. Such […] Read more…

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Passionfruit Meringue and Mango Cheesecake

And so it is February. Yikes. January pretty much passed in a wave of study and work with a couple of short trips to see real waves along the way. Summer seems to pass so quickly in Melbourne, as if our complaints about the heat scare the weather gods into submission and before long we […] Read more…

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