Studying when you are a grown up* is miserable. I know it’s supposed to be liberating, and because you are choosing to do it (rather than just following the pattern of life), you absorb so much more, That may well be true, however what it also means is a complete absence of guilt-free free time. I don’t think I ever truly appreciated what my parents did for me when I studied Pharmacy. My ‘job’ was to go to uni, and study. I had a part-time job that I used to take time off from when exams were looming. Social occasions, no dramas, any minimal ongoing study I did could easily fit around my engagements.  I helped occasionally with the washing and cooked the odd meal but otherwise I was a professional student, no bills, no responsibility. Bliss. Add to that I had a nice safe Australian University that wanted me to pass, so as long as I attended lectures and reread the course material before the exam I was sorted.

This time around I finish my (more than) full-time job around 6 or 7pm and launch into another two hours of study. I regularly have to turn down events and when I go to them I bore those around me with tales of my upcoming exam. My weekends are spent in my pyjamas frantically trying to make up for the nights I couldn’t write notes. I don’t have time to clean or cook or even do the things that keep my spark burning. Everything in my life is being sacrificed and I just hope it isn’t permanent. I gotta tell you, I’m feeling pretty blue about it. There is no welcoming Australian University this time. Failure is common in the WSET Diploma, pass rates sit at around 30-40% for the exam I am about to do… in nine and a half weeks. 

So things have been a bit quiet in blogland and nothing is likely to change for nine and a half weeks. But my goodness I have a list of things to do once this exam is ticked off. Just promise you’ll stick around?

In the meantime some of my favourite bloggers have featured me on their blogs. 

I have guest-posted my favourite whoopee pie recipe over on the superb Bake Play Smile

chocolate whoopee pies filled with strawberry and lemon frosting and drizzled with white chocolate


Sammie from The Annoyed Thyroid asked for my thoughts on selecting wine

And I was delighted to be featured by I Spy Plum Pie as her ‘Foodie of the Month’. Do be sure to check out her blog for lots of wonderful tips on living more sustainably too.


*I know I don’t always behave like it, but technically I am a grown-up. Boo!

6 comments on “Nine and a half weeks…”

  1. Oh studying when you are a grown up (or in my case, a faux grown up) is so hard! It will all be worth it in the end when you’re in that top of the crop in the wine exam department! I was so thrilled to have you be part of that wine post, because when it comes to wine selection, you know what’s what! Nine and a half weeks and counting…

  2. Good luck with your exam preparations! It sounds incredibly tough but I’m sure it will all pay off – you seem like you know what you’re doing 😉

  3. I’m so happy to have your gorgeous talented self over my blog! Thank you so much for the yummy recipe. Good luck with the exam prep… don’t overdo it!!! Hahaha I say that but I know you will!!! Just keep up the chocolate… and wine lol!

  4. Wow Nicole, it sounds like your life is absolutely hectic at the moment. I get home from my full-time job at about 4.30 in the afternoon and feel absolutely pooped, so I seriously CANNOT imagine what it would be like to get home much later then have to keep studying wel into the night. Wishing you the very best of luck for your revision over the coming months! If anyone can pass, it’s definitely you! 😉

  5. Oh, good on you for sticking with it. It sounds hard and demanding and stressful but it will all be worth it. I work one day a week and still demand the kids do most of the household duties 🙂 You’ve got this 🙂

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