Since I have been blogging I have been the recipient of a few home delivered, ready-to-cook meal services. The very first one was a bit of a disaster – lacklustre food that was way (way) overpriced. Since then my fella is always a bit nervous when I tell him we are having a ‘bloggy meal thing’ for dinner, despite some really good experiences since. 

I wasn’t asked to review My Food Bag. I actually received a voucher as a prize, however I was inspired enough by the concept to take pictures and share it with you. I have kept the plating and styling pretty basic for a realistic representation of the meals during a busy and stressful week. This was definitely one of the best ‘bloggy meal things’ I have had.

My Food Bag is essentially a meal planning service. You receive all the ingredients you need for four complete meals. There is not a lot of flexibility – the meals are set, you don’t get to choose, and there is no obvious way of intervening for allergies/dislikes. Fortunately we eat everything.

There are three meal plans available:

My Family Food Bag; Including ingredients for 5 meals to feed 2 adults and 2-3 small children ($169)

My Classic Food Bag: Including ingredients for 3 or 5 meals to feed 2 adults and 2 teens (or 4 adults) ($129-199)

My Gourmet Food Bag: Including ingredients for 4 meals to feed 2 adults ($149)

My Gourmet Food Bag

The Gourmet Food bag was the obvious choice for us. I was very impressed with the quality of the produce when it arrived – very fresh herbs, vegetables, and meat that was free-range and organic where applicable.

The week looked like this:

Miso and mirin soy glazed salmon with sesame soba noodles

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The miso and mirin glaze was amazing. This was so easy to prepare. I modified slightly: baking the salmon and briefly stir frying the vegetables (instead of frying and blanching) ; but the combination was fantastic and the leftover noodles and veg I had the next day hit the spot too.

Miguel’s feta and mushroom stuffed chicken with heirloom vegetables

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Such a great flavour combination – a mushroom, onion, herb and feta stuffing for chicken breasts wrapped in jamon, panfried and then baked. This indulgence was beautifully balanced by roasted root vegetables (including purple carrots and orange beetroots).

Sumac lamb kebabs with mint yoghurt mayonnaise

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Lamb and eggplant were pan-fried and topped with sumac before being wrapped in flatbreads with a fresh lettuce, carrot and herb salad (with leftover feta), topped with a lovely creamy dressing. Such a delicious and easy meal

Scotch fillet with balsamic tomatoes and parmesan oregano mash

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This steak was pretty stunning- grass-fed and organic. Even with my lack of expertise in steak cooking (my love is the steak chef in our house but he was busy) it turned out perfectly tender with caramelised fat. The balsamic roasted tomatoes added some lovely sweetness and the parmesan mash was pretty decadent.


This was such a great week. I would arrive home from work, spend about half an hour in the kitchen playing with fresh ingredients and turn out an amazing gourmet meal. I didn’t have to spend any time planning a menu or shopping. Being studenty-types we don’t normally spend $150 on four meals, and for every fancy steak dinner we will eat 2-3 simple vegetarian meals, however there really was value represented in this pack. The ingredients were absolutely top-notch, I have a new appreciation for organic meat; and the recipes pretty simple and enjoyable to cook, even after 10 hour days. If funds allow I would definitely purchase My Food Bag again and will probably use some of the larger-serve options to get us through busy weeks.

What is your weekly grocery budget? What are your go-to meals?

Disclosure: I received a complementary My Food Bag voucher as a prize, there was no requirement to write this review. All opinions and ideas are my own.

23 comments on “My Food Bag Review”

  1. YUM that looks great, and the meals are a good size too. Shame there’s no vego option. We have Hello Fresh in SA but they don’t deliver to McLaren Vale so I’ve never tried a gourmet meal service

  2. It looks ace but I’m too much of a control freak not to be able to choose. In winter, I cook a whole heap of curries, casseroles and pies and stash them in the freezer so we can eat something home cooked every night but without having to get busy. It saves a whole heap of time and money. We don’t eat a lot of meat, but when we do, we always try to choose organic/grass fed, you can totally taste the difference!

  3. Sounds like you found a winner for those busy times! I’ve seen a few different things like this, but always wonder if the quality is there and some of them are crazy expensive. It’s also a bit tricky because I do have food allergies and there also aren’t always as many vegetarian options. It would be something I would consider every once and awhile if we found a company we liked just for some variety. I’m definitely guilty of making the same things every week. Usually I make a lot of pasta and a big pot of sauce and we’re set for a few meals!

    • We seem to have a lot of these companies in Aus and some of them are a bit more flexible when it comes to allergies and preferences too. I thought this was a bit expensive to begin with as I could usually buy those ingredients cheaper but then I usually don’t buy the same level of quality so I reversed that decision.

  4. Wow! There is something to be said about not having to put much thought into dinners. It also looks like you got a lot of variety in the bag. ..which is nice. I’m especially loving that lamb kabob. The hubby would go nut-so over it.

  5. What a brilliant review Nicole! I’ve seen these advertised and was wondering what they’d be like. So nice to have a range of different ingredients to play around with!!

  6. These look really yummy, however with all the things we do not eat, this is not an option that would work for our family, not to mention we have 3 adults and 4 children, that would be priced way out of comfort zone. As for shopping budget, well, anywhere from $500-$600 a week, depending on how many kids are home. We certainly eat well, but not extravagantly. Most of what we eat is made from scratch.

    • Wow, $5-600 per week! Of course it makes sense that you would need to spend that much to feed 7 but it blows my mind. Most of what we eat is made from scratch too. that is what i quite liked about this meal box, mostly it was basic ingredients with recipes to turn them into something special. Only one pre-made sauce in the kit and it wasn’t full of preservatives either.

  7. I’m intrigued about these delivery meals we’re seeing lately, they always look so delicious, The miso salmon particularly looks especially good but since I like cooking, I’m unlikely to use them.

    I think they’d make a great gift though! Maybe for a new mum and dad or for someone who might be going through some difficulties.

  8. Ordered My Food Bag and received last Sunday. Started to prepare first meal, opened chicken thigh package to find the meat was ‘off’ and had to throw it away. Prepared beef dish last night – meat was very tough and gristly. Contacted the company who publicise a reply within one business day – to date have not heard from them. I found the recipes not easy to prepare. Compared to The Cooks Grocer meals which are brilliant and contain all ingredients in each meal pack, except salt, pepper and oil, My Food Bag recipes require additions of red wine, honey, soy sauce as well from your own pantry.

    • Oh Wendy, that’s really unfortunate you had a bad experience. I followed up with the company and they said they had managed to get in touch with you after a lost email so hopefully that is all sorted out.
      I haven’t tried the Cooks Grocer but the food on their website looks great, perhaps next time.

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