When I left that melancholy little post in July about my harsh exam and stolen car, cushioned by some brownie goodness, I never expected that it would be another seven months before I wrote again. 

Life got busy. Even compared to my usual state of busy!

There was a lot to catch up on after being a study hermit for so long, and work resumed its usual cacophony. I was feeling terribly drained and a bit directionless for a while, (which somewhat explains the lack of writing mojo)… and then the wind changed. 

It had been thirteen weeks since my enormous exam and I was really not looking forward to getting the results, but at the same time I was at the point where I just needed to know what was ahead. I had spent a lovely couple of days on a (work perks) field trip to the Beechworth wine region. I was at lunch with my colleagues, about to head back to Melbourne and received a text message from one of my study buddies “Watch out: results day. Have you heard?”. My hands actually began to shake. I considered not checking my email, dreading the emotional meltdown I was sure would follow. “Hi Nicole, I’m very happy to let you know…” I could not believe it! I reread that message about 5 times, disecting every word, Could I be misunderstanding? But no, I had passed (with merit no less) the exam that is known for its 60-70% failure rates. This meant I had just one exam to go AND I wouldn’t have to spend my Christmas preparing for the resit.

About a week later, while I was still floating about on a cloud of endorphins, I received a phone call bearing the news that I was a finalist in the Negociants Working With Wine Competition and in the running to win a three week trip to Europe. And within the month I received a promotion of sorts to a role I have been coveting for quite some time. There was still my last exam to study for, the pre-Christmas nightmare to survive and the wine competition final to complete (I didn’t win but came remarkably close). So much to write about but I couldn’t find a place to start. The news last week that I have finally, after much heartache, withdrawal from a social life, and thousands of dollars of wine spat into buckets; finished my WSET Diploma; has reinvigorated me into again making something of my time.

Which brings me to today: Listening to the Hottest 100 countdown, avoiding the inevitable ‘Straya day selfies on social media (I’m firmly in the ‘change the date’ camp) and attempting to infuse some love back into this blog and rediscover who I am after an intense couple of years

I guess what I wanted to do today is just reconnect, check in to let you know that Champagne and Chips is still very much part of me. I think this space might change direction. I am beginning to feel that it is time to craft the kind of career and life I want. How I will do that and exactly what I want I do not yet know, but I do know that art, and for me now that is writing, seems to be what I need to thrive in this life. There is a line from Stephen Jeffrey’s play “The Libertine” that inspires me never to slip back to the well-worn path, “I took the heat of my own soul and molded it and turned it into a wondrous thing and so triumphed.” My five year plan is to say this and believe it.

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