At the time of writing this Cookie has 73 blog reviews on Urbanspoon. Does it need another? Probably not. However it is so rare that I go the the big name, popular places that I thought I should document it.

You see I am not a fan of crowds, queuing and hype. I have never been to Chin Chin or Mamasita, although I’ve recently heard that Chin Chin will do a callback so I may stop by in the near future. I’ve always lumped Cookie into the same basket, but when I needed to find a Thai place in the CBD to dine with a visiting friend I was delighted to find that they take bookings.

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The delight didn’t stop there, we had made an early booking and I arrived to find the late afternoon daylight saving sun streaming though other-wordly arched windows.

cookie, cookie melbourne, melbourne, cbd, thai, asian, restaurant, bookings, wine,

The wine list is exceptional, the first eight pages list wines available by the glass or bottle. As you progress through the tome (we are talking about a bound book approaching an inch in thickness) there are pages devoted to individual wineries with brief descriptions of each wine. There is a huge range of local and international styles and grape varieties. I am going back by myself sometime soon so that I can read the list over lunch without ignoring my dining companion. #winenerd

I managed to suppress a squeal of joy when I noticed the 2013 Velenosi Querci Antica Lacrima di Morro by the glass. I fell in love with the Italian grape variety Lacrima di Morro d’Alba during a wine club two years ago. It is a very rare variety, grown almost exclusively in the Marche region of Italy and leads with gorgeous floral aromatics. On the palate it is fairly soft with red fruits, rose petals and slightly grippy tannins. Such an interesting variety and hard to find.

cookie, cookie melbourne, melbourne, cbd, thai, asian, restaurant, bookings, wine,

Service was excellent, our waiter was knowledgeable about the wine list and very helpful when we were overwhelmed by the huge range of food choices. The menu is split into small medium and large dishes and is designed to be shared; we went for a medium and a small with a carby side and it was perfect for two people.

Fat Rice Noodles with Duck, Cabbage, Green Peppercorns and Basil ($22.50)

cookie, cookie melbourne, melbourne, cbd, thai, asian, restaurant, bookings, wine, fat rice noodles, duck, pad see ew

Whenever I have thai food I always order pad see ew: thick rice noodles, with an amazing thick sweet soy sauce. I don’t know how those in the know feel about this dish (it might now be remotely related), but for me it was pad see ew elevated to a new level. There was a lot of rich, tender duck meat, slightly crunchy on the edges; and that gorgeous sweet and savoury soy. Just divine.

Smoked Trout, Sweet Potato and Snow Pea Salad ($17.50)

cookie, cookie melbourne, melbourne, cbd, thai, asian, restaurant, bookings, wine, smoked trout, sweet potato, salad,

This was my friend’s choice and I will admit to being slightly sceptical, I’m not always a massive fan of smoked fish. The trout was very subtly smoked and juicy flakes scattered throughout crisp snow peas and caramelised discs of sweet potato. This sat on a bed of rocket and was dressing with a lovely sweet and tangy sauce.

A side of perfect flaky, buttery roti ($4) rounded out the meal.

cookie, cookie melbourne, melbourne, cbd, thai, asian, restaurant, bookings,  roti, side dish

But we didn’t stop there.

I am a bit of a flake when it comes to Asian desserts. I tried too many dry and tasteless red bean buns and other such things as a teenager and lost my adventure mojo. This meant that I stayed safe and ordered the Lime and Basil Pannacotta with Strawberries.

cookie, cookie melbourne, melbourne, cbd, thai, asian, restaurant, bookings, lime and basil pannacotta, pannacotta, lime, basil, strawberries

This was a lovely fresh dessert with creamy and very limey, tangy pannacotta surrounded by boozy strawberries. It was simple and refreshing but paled in comparison to my buddies Black Sticky Rice with Mango and Coconut Ice Cream.

black sticky rice, dessert, mango, coconut ice cream, ice cream, cookie, cookie melbourne, melbourne, cbd, thai, asian, restaurant, bookings, wine,

Fortunately she doesn’t have my expandable stomach so I got to eat quite a bit of the nutty, sweet and salty rice, fresh ice cream and ripe mango chunks. I think this might have turned the tables on my asian dessert avoidance.

As it turns out, the hype about Cookie in Melbourne’s CBD is correct. The food was fantastic, very affordable and it was not too crowded on a weeknight. Now to tackle that wine list 🙂

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15 comments on “Cookie Melbourne CBD”

  1. Oh I went here when I visited Melb last year, its a funky restaurant hey. Lovely authentic Thai food! Your pics are gorgeous. Do you ever feel awkward taking photos on a proper camera in a restaurant? I did it all over the USA but I still felt like a weirdo!

    • I have a fairly high shame threshold so I’m pretty OK with it 🙂 I try not to make a massive deal of it and just snap a few picks when the food comes out. Also, I deliberately bought a mirrorless rather than a full size DSLR- more portable and not quite as chunky when waved around a restaurant.

  2. We popped in last time we were in Melbourne in 2011 (eeep! we’re so due another visit!) We only had time for drinks, next time I’m in town, I’m totally going to check out the food, it looks delicious!

  3. I second the taking of photos in restaurants, sometimes the dish is so pretty but I feel so self conscious when I want to take a photo. Lovely photos too!

    I really wish I lived in Melbourne so I could try that smoked trout.

    • I kind of shift my brain into altruism- if I like the restaurant and I take some really lovely pictures then that will help their business. It makes me feel less self conscious

  4. I absolutely love Cookie so I’m really happy to hear that you had a great time there! I had the stir fried pork belly the last time I went there and it was SO good. I’m thinking I should try that mango dessert next time…

    I was a bit underwhelmed by Cin Cin to be honest but it’s been more than a year since I ate there so maybe it’s changed since. I’m looking forward to reading that review too 🙂

    • Oooh that sounds great! I do love pork belly.
      Stay tuned on the Chin Chin thing. I will get there, I just have to find a night where I can afford to wait for a late dinner.

  5. This gave me flashbacks from when I visited Cookie a million years ago! Loved it. Also thank you for the hot tip on the Lacrima di Morro – I will endeavour to check it out when I’m in Italy later this year (love being able to say that!!)

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