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cured ocean trout from Greenpoint restaurant at the emerson, chandon in the city

Chandon in the City

“They put leaves in the bottle?”  What followed was a moment of mutual bewilderment. I was hosting a sparkling wine tasting and had totally misinterpreted my audience. ‘Lees’ is a pretty confusing French terms referring to dead yeast cells. Not a terribly romantic notion but those dead little yeast are quite magical in the way […] Read more…

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Sezar Restaurant

One of the things I love about Melbourne is that it is a melting pot of cuisines and cultures. Now my geographical knowledge is admittedly terrible but I had barely heard of Armenia until a few weeks ago. When my buddies suggested we go to Sezar, a restaurant with a focus on contemporary Armenian food […] Read more…

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Neighbourhood Wine

When I was invited to try the Yumtable booking service one of the first places that caught my eye was Neighbourhood Wine. I think I had read about it… I couldn’t remember the context, but I loved the name. It speaks of a friendly, relaxed vibe in which to enjoy wine. And TAH-DA, they have […] Read more…

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How to eat out more often with Yumtable

Restaurants in Melbourne that take bookings are a rare and beautiful thing. Never more so than this time of the year when we haven’t quite worked out how many layers to put on, so we invariably end up overheated during the day and then freezing when the temperature drops 10C as the sun goes down. […] Read more…

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Spelt Ricotta Gnocchi for My Love

Whenever I ask My Love what he wants for dinner he shouts “GNOCCHI” accompanied by a fist pump.  This happens most days. Unfortunately until he can keep me in the manor to which I would like to become accustomed (house in Carlton, faffing about teaching people about wine and regular brunching) I don’t have the […] Read more…

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