Easter has always been one of my favourite holidays. It may be that it falls about the same time as my birthday. It may be that there are a bunch of public holidays on the weekend, which is gold (with added sparkly glitter) for a weekend worker like myself. It may be that it is a holiday celebration without all the pre-holiday present buying stress that Christmas seems to bring. Or it may be about the chocolate…

I don’t care what anyone says, Easter chocolate is the best chocolate and bunny ears are the best of the best. I just can’t get enough of the extra thick ear chocolate.

Bunny ears aside, there are lots of other foodie reasons to love Easter; spicy fruit buns, Easter egg themed desserts, and so much pretty pastel decoration. I am a sucker for pastels.

I thought I’d share with you some of the Easter recipes that have me swooning this year. So, without further choc-fueled babble, straight from some of my favourite foodie blogs, I bring you… 

Eggcellent Easter Recipes


Cadbury Creme Egg Brownies

creme egg brownies, cadbury creme egg brownies, cadbury, creme egg, brownies, recipe, melbourne food blog, eggcellent easter recipes, easter recipesIf you saw my Cadbury Creme Egg Cake last week (and Google tells me a record number of you did- thanks for sharing it 🙂 ) then you know I am a big fan of the Creme Egg. Yes they are crazy-sweet but it’s once a year and the novelty factor is huge for a lover of #yolkporn such as myself. However, I’ve never tried to bake one. When I saw these Cadbury Creme Egg Brownies by Love Swah (guesting on Bake Play Smile) I was pretty smitten. Particularly when Swah said this: “Something magical happens when you bake Creme Eggs, the inside turns melty and gooey, whilst the outside of the egg caramelises into a crunchy treat.” Yum.


Speckled Egg Chocolate Easter Cupcakes

easter egg cupcakes, easter, chocolate, easter egg, cupcakes, recipe, bake play smile, easter recipesThese Speckled Egg Chocolate Easter Cupcakes, made by Lucy from Bake Play Smile, popped up on Love Swah as a recipe swap with those brownies. Ridiculously talented ladies! They look just like a little Easter bonnet in cupcake form. Lucy’s recipes are always beautifully uncomplicated and so delightfully pretty. The most perfect little Easter gift or table decoration.


Hot Cross Bombe

hot cross bome, hot cross bun baked alaska, hot cross bun, baked alaska, bombe, ice cream, meringue, bread puddingConfession first: I absolutely stalk Iron Chef Shellie on Instagram. Her photos are just so breathtakingly beautiful and this woman has some serious culinary talent- much as her name suggests. How she came up with this Hot Cross Bombe – hot cross bun bread and butter pudding, topped with hot cross bun infused ice cream and enveloped by fluffy meringue – I just can’t imagine. It’s enough to send me shopping for a kitchen blow torch, even though I’m scared of fire.


Hot Cross Baked Easter Cheesecake

hot cross bun baked cheesecake, easter recipes, cheesecake, hot cross bun, baked cheesecake, cinnamon, spice, recipeSticking with the hot cross bun theme for a moment – how would you like one in cheesecake form? Lisa Eats World has come up with a way of getting all those gorgeous spicy, fruity characters from a HCB into her Hot Cross Baked Easter Cheesecake. If you are chai lover this is for you 🙂


Easter Egg Cookie Cake with Pink Buttercream

biscuit, easter recipes, giant, cookie, cake, cookie cake, recipe, easter, easter egg

Jess from Sweet Menu is my go-to girl for all things cookie and biscuit (and a whole lot of other sweeties as well). Whilst all cookies/biscuits are fab, there is something just so indulgent about a giant cookie. When that giant cookie is an Easter Egg Cookie Cake with Pink Buttercream, I don’t think there is even a word to describe the level of indulgence (thesaurus.com was no help).  I’m very tempted to make this but I’m a bit concerned, with our biscuit eating skills, that my love and I might just get through the whole thing in one sitting.


What are you getting up to this Easter? And more importantly, which bit of the chocolate bunny do you eat first?

22 comments on “5 Eggcellent Easter Recipes ”

  1. Oh thank you so much lovely! Your creme egg cake still blows me away! Holy moly.. that baked cheesecake looks amazing! And yes, you’re so right – Easter chocolate is the best chocolate. 🙂

  2. So much deliciousness in one post! I’m still salivating over those Creme Egg Brownies. I’m also a big fan of Iron Chef Shellie, her food and photography are just swoonsome!

  3. What a great roundup. I still can’t get over that hot cross bombe. It is a feast for the eyes. And let’s talk about those Cadbury creme eggs in that brownie, shall we? Gooey on the inside and caramelized and crunchy on the out. . .sign me up!

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